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Lovely Minimalist House in Japanese Style as Alternative House Design

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My sister in law suggests me to stay at her house for a week to take care of her children since they need friends to accompany them playing. Certainly I cannot refuse her request, thus I live in her house which is regarded as Minimalist House. To design this house my sister in law adopts Japanese style in order to create unique house design. As another Japanese house, this house is dominated with wooden material here and there. However wood accent is able to create warm sensation over room.

Wooden Accent in Minimalist House

Interior design of house is polished in white color. Beadboard crafted of stone in white color matches with rustic wood material in this house. Skylights in square shape are applied in this house to make this house brighter. Bulb lights hang on ceiling to illuminate this house. Japanese Minimalist House brings out simple and rustic decoration. Wooden floor is fitted in this house. There is floating shelf crafted of untreated wood. In my view she intentionally creates wooden floating shelves to adjust wooden floor in this room.

In the middle of this living space, there is wooden pillar. Staircase in this house is also crafted of wood too. I see an arm chair crafted of wood without high gloss finish. When I go to upstairs through this untreated wood stairs without any banister, I feel this place is narrow enough but it is perfectly simple. Corridor in this house is full of wooden material. Bulb lights on ceiling enlighten this corridor. I see indoor plant that freshen this corridor.

Minimalist House with Bright Interior

I have lunch in ding room which is considered as minimalist interior. This dining room is furnished with dining set crafted of untreated wood. Lacquered wood dining table in rectangle shape is surrounded by wood side chairs. These side chairs are combined with dark metal. On dining table, I see glass vase containing fresh flower. Glass bay window in this dining room makes dining room bright. Bulb light hangs on ceiling to illuminate this dining room. This Japanese Minimalist House design brings out wood material.

18 Photos of the Lovely Minimalist House in Japanese Style as Alternative House Design