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Magnificent Bedroom Window in an Eclectic Bedroom

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Eclectic design is one of the most difficult styles of design to implement. Since the definition of eclectic style itself is one that comprises many significant elements from various other styles, it alone should be able to give the idea of the difficulty level in designing one. However, the result of such hardship is often rewarding. This is shown by Freshome example of magnificent eclectic bedroom featuring the creative arrangement of bedroom window.

The Arrangement of the Bedroom with Creative Bedroom Window

It is never a good habit to skip things ahead. Thus, before heading to the wide bedroom window as the primary appeal of the eclectic bedroom, it is best to take a closer look upon the elements that build the eclectic bedroom. For being eclectic, the elements that the bedroom takes are a bit of antique combined with modern style. This is achieved by the selection of furniture and good arrangement of basic room layout.
For the layout, the room has its primary feature being the floor of wooden texture. The texture of the wood on the floor is not a polished one.

Instead, it features a dark and rugged texture of vintage or rustic style. The rest of the layout like the wall and the ceiling are built using concrete. As for the furnishing, the room implements actually just a few items. They include a bed whose framework is a combination of thick wood and layer of concrete. The bed comes along in the same construction with the small table where the lightings are put. At the center of the bedroom a small portion of the floor is covered with furry carpet of brown color. Behind the bed is where the window is installed.

The Magnificent Effect Created by the Bedroom Window

The window of this bedroom comes not in set of windows. Instead it occupies the shape of a single frame of wide glass window. The effect this particular kind of window seeks to achieve is panoramic view. Since the house is located in peaceful rural areas with wonderful scenery surrounding it, the view from the window is really beautiful to be looked at from inside the bedroom.

9 Photos of the Magnificent Bedroom Window in an Eclectic Bedroom