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Mansions with Pools for Spacious and Luxury House

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My father told us that we will go to his friend’s house, and then he told me that the house is one of the mansions with pools. The house is big and luxury. My father was very excited to go there because he has not seen his friend for couple years. My father met his friend accidentally in the property exhibition last month. They had a conversation like what my father said. His friend moved in this town. Then, he has a new house here. Thus, he invited my father and us to go to his house.

Mansions with Pools Cream Deck White Wall Cream Stone Wall Purple Florwers

The Mansion Looks Like

Like its name of mansion, I imagined the big house with luxury design. Yes, I could say that the house is extraordinary house in this small city. When we came to the mansion, we like the atmosphere there. We were invited to look around the house before going inside to the house. The house has a big concrete construction for the house. It has spacious backyard. The backyard is featured with gorgeous back terrace. I saw white wall there. I saw the steel balcony fence in the second storey.

The Swimming Pool

When we stayed in the back terrace, we enjoyed the atmosphere of the swimming pool there. The swimming pool is very large there. It is like a hotel swimming pool. My father’s friend added the cream stone bowl with fountains. Those make the aesthetic side of the swimming pool. Then, I saw the cream stone deck for the swimming pool. He added several green swimming pool benches with green umbrella. He also added the wooden table and chairs set in the bank of the swimming pool.

Moreover, my father’s friend also built the lounge near the swimming pool. The lounge has glass frameless windows for covering the room. It has brown wooden chairs inside. Furthermore, the lighting system of the house and the swimming pool is very amazing. He added various kinds of lights like yellow standing garden lamps. In addition, we had stayed in the back terrace for some times. Hence, my father’s friend invited us to come in to the house. I was really expected to see the house anyway.

12 Photos of the Mansions with Pools for Spacious and Luxury House