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Minimalist Contemporary Home Style by B&B Italia Come in a Floor

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Last week I went to my college friends to do our assignment in contemporary home style by B&B Italia. His home that built in a minimalist style and modern look is really adorable built in the middle of the lawn perfectly. The outside look is just trimmed by the white wall, flat roof and the wide window. Even though just trimmed by the stuffs like that the look of house is really magnificent and beautiful. Near the house also set the stone steps that trim it as the garden perfectly.

After entered the beautiful contemporary home style by B&B Italia that belongs to my college friend, I just sat in the living room that really come modernly and beautifully. The living room is really spacious even though the whole house is shaped not really large. In the house there is exist the natural and neutral colors like white and black. The modern look of the house just come appears really nice there perfectly. I sat in the puffy white sofa that come in modern design which comes really matched to the rug.

Contemporary Home Style by B&B Italia with Modern Reading Room

No longer after that, my friend asked me and the others to move to the reading room to do our assignment perfectly. Actually the reading room is come modern and minimalist. The look is really adorable with the minimalist shelf that hangs in the white wall. Then there set the black sofa and the grey coffee table. The wide window that set there help us to do the assignment without switched on the lamps.

Contemporary Home Style by B&B Italia and the Ethnical Decoration

In the living room there are set the ethnical decorations like the tribal masks, the unique ewers and the other unique decorations that trim the house perfectly. Not only beautiful with the modern look and the minimalist stuffs, but also the house come beautifully with the unique ethnical stuffs that set in the living room and in the front door. In the front door there is set the black big foot statue to welcome the guest to the modern contemporary home style by B&B Italia.


19 Photos of the Minimalist Contemporary Home Style by B&B Italia Come in a Floor