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Modern Architectural Renders To Give Accent in the House

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I went to my friend’s house last two days, and then I saw that he applied the modern architectural renders. He added the modern renders for the house. The house looks very nice and stunning. Moreover, my friend featured the house with the right furniture. My friend also combined the house with the home office. The home office is placed in loft of the house. Hence, I could see that he wanted to utilize every part of the house. He also wanted to make efficient living as well as the home office.

The Parts of the House

My friend asked me to sit in the living room. There, I could see the stunning white wall with brown pastel wall panel as the accent. He featured the house with gorgeous furniture. I saw him placing the milk brown sofas with black glasses tables. He also placed the white carpet under the table. Since he likes the astronomy, he added the white telescope near the white glass doors. Then, I saw the black dining table with white chairs behind the sofas. There, I saw the glass hanging lamps.

Other parts of the House

I looked at the outside of the house while standing in the glass doors. I saw the other side of the house. Then, I walked through the void with black river stones and the cemented pathways. Then, I entered the room while I saw the white stairs and the brown wooden stairs in the white walls. I looked at my right, and then I saw the gray wall with white television cabinets and the white large television. I saw the unique standing lamp near the blue sofas in that room.

Moreover, my friend came to me and asked me to see the home office at the loft. We wanted to discuss the work there. I went upstairs. Then, I saw the minimalist home office there. He said to me that the monochrome wall should be featured with colorful furniture to create the good proportion in the room. Furthermore, he added the glass railways to make the spacious ambiance to the home office. However, the house is very cozy and comfort with home office anyway.


17 Photos of the Modern Architectural Renders To Give Accent in the House