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Modern Living Rooms to Gather the People in the House

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My mother has three different living rooms in our house by applying the modern living rooms. She wanted to create the public space more to gather the people in the house. While I entered the door, I looked luxurious living room there. My mother placed the creamy white sofas with coffee brown wall panel behind the creamy white cabinets and shelves. She wanted to create the fresh ambiance here. She then added the glass wooden table in front of the sofa in which she hung the black standing lamp as well.

The Other Living Rooms

My mother built the second living room in the middle part of the house. Hence, I could see the second living room from the first living room actually. My mother placed the different furniture here. She added the grey sofas there. She placed brown wooden cabinets and the brown wooden television cabinets in the space. She built the peach wall panel to separate the second living room and the third living room. She has planned it precisely. She then added the brown wooden wall shelves on the wall panel. There, she also added the hidden lamps.

Grey Sofas White Leather Carpet Brown Wooden Cabinets Grey Floor

The Last Living Room

Walking to the last living room of the house, this living room is also designed differently from the two living rooms. My mother placed the black sofas there. She added the white wooden cabinets and the white wooden television cabinets. She added the white single sofas with white foot stool in front of the black one. She added the brown wooden table in front of the sofa. She also put white rug under the table. Moreover, she placed the silver arch lamp in the space.

Shortly, my mother wanted to have more space for the people. Hence, she built three living rooms in the house. She featured the living rooms with different designs. People especially our family then think that the living room is definitely very modern. They like to stay in our house. Of course, it makes my mother satisfied with the living rooms. However, the living rooms can make the people meet each other in one place.


23 Photos of the Modern Living Rooms to Gather the People in the House

Brown Rug Black Chair White Television Cabinet Grey Wall PanelBrown Carpet White Cabinets Black Wall Panel White SofaYellow carpet Grey Sofa White Standing Lamp White Cabinet Brown Wall PanelWhite Television Cabinets White Cabinet Glass Table Unique Black Arch LampWhite Television Cabinets Grey Rug Black Sofas Black Standing LampWhite Sofas Brown Wooden Cabinets Brown Rug White Standing LampWhite Sofas Arch Lamp White Cabinets Purple RugWhite Sofa White Foot Stool Grey Rug Glass TableWhite Sofa Black Arch Lamp Red Carpet brown Cabinet Wide WndowsWhite Cabinets White Television Cabinets Orange Chair Grey Rug Wooden FloorWhite Cabinets White Standing Lamp White Television Cream Brown CurtainWhite Cabinets Brown Wall Shelves White Television cabinet White Glass Table WHite SofaWhite Cabinet Grey Carpet White Sofa Grey Wall PanelOrange Sofas Brown Wooden Cabinets Brown Wooden Shelves Glass TableGrey Sofas White Leather Carpet Brown Wooden Cabinets Grey FloorGrey Sofa White Wooden Cabinet Brown Wooden Cabinet White Rug Black Glass TableCream Cabinets Cream Television cabbinet Wooden Cabinets Wooden Wall ShelvesCream Brown Modular Bookcase Brown Rug Cream Sofa Brown Wall PanelBrown Wooden Shelves WHite Cabinet White Glass Table Brown RugBrown Wooden Cabinets White Sofas Green Wall Brown Wooden Table

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