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Modern Space Saving Ideas with Colorful Decoration

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For a small house, I think it is very important to have Space Saving Ideas. It is caused by the existence of the space saving system will make the room feel even larger than it is. Besides that, the usage of it can make the room looks more interesting and attractive. I ever had a great experience when I visited my neighbor’s house which is located next to my house. Actually, I have never been in her house since it was completed from being built several months ago. I was so surprised at the time I arrived in her house.

Decoration and Color of Space Saving Ideas Furniture

There are many interesting thing that I can get from her house, especially Space Saving Ideas for kids room. I think she use space saving furniture to build her kids bedroom. My expectation was right. Like what you see in the pictures, she had a green colored kid’s bedroom. For the bed itself, it uses a kind of versatile bed. The bed is in green as well. It makes her kids bedroom looks much better and looks much more interesting.

I was sure that her kid’s bedroom is loved by her kids. It is caused by she has applied an interesting interior decoration for kids bedroom. There are several bookshelves are installed in her kid’s bedroom. I also saw there were two lamps in her kid’s bedroom. The lamps are not ordinary lamps. They are unique lamps. Evidently, she does not have only a kid’s bedroom. There is still another kid’s bedroom in her house.

Furniture of Space Saving Ideas in Kid Room

She invited me to go to the second floor in her house. In the second floor, I found a more interesting kid’s bedroom design. This time, the bedroom looks more interesting and there are more colors. The colors come from the carpet and mattress in her kid’s bedroom. The white painting in her bedroom looks very interesting. There is a two – levels bed. That bed is very useful for children to take a rest well. On a side of Space Saving Ideas for Kids Bedroom, there is also a desk which is very useful for them to study.

15 Photos of the Modern Space Saving Ideas with Colorful Decoration