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Modern Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design with Natural Touch

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Last summer I went to Italy to spend my holiday in Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design that belongs to my aunt. The house from afar is just like the historical site in the hill that comes in a stone wall as the outside wall. Actually the house is really modern and also has the outdoor nook and infinity swimming pool that really come adorably. The natural touch that come trimmings the house is like the stone wall, the wooden ceiling, wooden furniture, and the others stuffs that come naturally with the nature materials.

Moreover, the scenery in beautiful Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design is really adorable. The green of the valley and the hills trim the scenery there perfectly. The view that comes with the blue sky and the green of the grass is really adorable to see in her porch and terrace. She just set the outdoor nook with the canopy and she also set the outdoor nook in her porch complete with umbrellas. The look is just so Idyllic and comfortable. I used to spend my afternoon there together with mu aunt there to share all we want to share.

VIntage Motive Green Cushion Wooden Chair Frame Minimalist Look

The Porch of Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design

As I said before that she has more than one porch in her house. Then my favorite porch there is the one that come with the fireplace in the table. The table is set with the table and the table is really come modernly with the bench that really suitable for the table completely. The view there is really magnificent. The valley and the small hills could be obtained from there perfectly. I just really love when sat there alone and just listen to my favorite song, there was really tranquil and calm.

The Living Room of Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design

The living room come in a modern style and minimalist look with the modern style of sofa and the modern beautiful chandelier that hang upon the wooden ceiling that come naturally. Moreover, the wall is set in a grey stone wall that really comes rustically and beautifully. I just do really love to spend my time in the night there with my aunt together with a cup of tea or just a slice pizza with her in front of the modern fireplace in stunning Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design.

20 Photos of the Modern Torre Moravola by Studio Mackenzie-Chong Design with Natural Touch

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