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Modern Unusual Side Tables Belongs to Innovative Furniture for Bedroom

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I come to my friend’s house which is located near my house. His house is full of unusual side tables which make everyone astonished. I do not know where he got all of these side tables because I never see kind of this table. In each living space, there is different style of side tables that is polished in various colors. Of course I do not want to miss a chance to observe detail texture and design of these side tables while I come into his house. First, incredible design of side table arouses odd visualization in his bedroom. This side table is polished in brown color. At a glance this side table looks like square that lost one side. Bottom side of this table is created with triangle shape. In my view this triangle looks like common roof ridge that I usually find.

Utilizing Unusual Side Tables Optimally

Another bedroom is furnished with sophisticated unusual side tables in brown color. This side table is adhered on a wall in order to save space. It is crafted of long rectangle thing which is folded in order to result wrinkle model of side table. It can be used as bookcase so you can out book on this table after read it in your bedroom. Upper side of this table functions as space to put clock, lamp, or adornment. Another style of side tables can be seen in his house which is crafted of untreated wood. Untreated wood is used as posts while orange box as main part of side table. This box side table has only two posts that seems leaning at a glance. I think this box is compatible to store books while upper side can be used to place other things.

In his brother’s bedroom, there is a side table that can be utilized as bookcase. Its shape is like branch that is designed by Sung Pil Hwang. This side table is adhered on wall painted in white. I appreciate unique design of this light blue side table because it can function as bookcase and common table too. Another side table is crafted of wood with high gloss finish. This side table has shape like a wave and of course it can be utilized as bookrack too. On left side of bed, I see white side table in unusual shape. This box is designed such as trapezoid.

Unusual side tables for Any Styles of Bedroom

I get inside another bedroom which is decorated with new design of side table. Innovative side table has two levels of bookrack. Certainly upper side of this table is utilized to put glass, clock and many things. This white table is adhered on wall. I also find wall side table which is crafted in square shape. It is made of wood without lacquer. Usually, my friend puts glass, books, or clock inside of those unusual side tables’ designs.

19 Photos of the Modern Unusual Side Tables Belongs to Innovative Furniture for Bedroom