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Modular Shelving Units for Completing the Apartment

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My younger brother moved in his new apartment several days ago, and then he told me that he looked for the modular shelving units. Since he just moved several days ago, he did not finish the furniture and the decorations yet. He still looked for some furniture like the shelves. He told me that he needs several shelves in his apartment. He wanted to create the efficient design for his apartment. Hence, he wanted to utilize the shelves to be the decorations at once.

Modular Shelving Units Domino Expo Shelves

Where to Place

My younger brother explained his plan further. He has quite large apartment space. Hence, he mentioned the spots for placing the shelves. He wanted to use the shelves to be the partition. He wanted to separate the room by utilizing the shelves. He said it would make the room more efficient. Moreover, he wanted to use various shelf designs for his apartment. Thus, he could create the fresh and modern shelf designs. He also mentioned to avoid the boredom around the apartment because he wanted to place many shelves there.

The Choices of the Shelves

My younger brother decided several shelves for his apartment finally. He placed the domino expo shelving for separating the living room to the television room. It is a great partition I think. It does not make the room look narrower. Moreover, my younger brother placed the silver television wall shelving. He also added the black rug in front of the shelves. On the other hands, he wanted to create different atmosphere from the living room and the television room. Hence, he place brown wooden hive shelves in the dining room. The hive shelves really suit to the dining room and the kitchen anyway.

Moreover, my younger brother placed the white wall bookshelves near the dining room. It has unique design. Then, he placed the white contraformaquad shelves in his bedroom. He said that the shelves are really different from the other designs in his apartment. That was why he placed the shelves in his bedroom. After placing the shelves, my younger brother could complete his apartment. However, he told me to see his unique shelves soon.

12 Photos of the Modular Shelving Units for Completing the Apartment