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Outdoor Fireplace Designs for the Magnificent Backyard

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I have my three favorite outdoor fire place designs that really come adorably. The first is my uncle’s, the second is my neighbor’s and the last is my aunt’s. The criteria of my favorite outdoor fireplace is really simple, I just need the beautiful scenery, smart design of the fire place and the outdoor nook there that really comfortable. Then three of them is fulfilled the three of the criteria perfectly. Even though three of them have their own specialties and they built differently in different scenery as well.

Modern Grill Stony Fireplace Classic Look Banana Tree

Well, the first is my uncle’s outdoor fireplace. The outdoor fireplace is really awesome for the scenery. His backyard has a woods view that really awesome in the winter or just in a autumn, in summer and spring also really fresh to have a chit chat with the others there sit beside the fireplace perfectly. The fireplace is come simply with the natural stone as the base material. Then the floor is made of the scarlet natural stone and my uncle put steps there to reach the fireplace spot.

Outdoor Fireplace with Beautiful Garden View

Then the second is my neighbor’s. My neighbor’s outdoor fireplace is located in their backyard that also trimmed by the beautiful flower garden. The fireplace is covered by the vine plants canopy and the wooden bars. Then in the back of the outdoor fireplace and the outdoor nook there, there is a flower garden that really beautiful. If it is spring, then the fragrance can be smelled from the outdoor nook. The chairs are really comfortable that made of rattans complete with its seats.

Outdoor Fireplace with Gorgeous Lake View

Then the last is my favorite outdoor fireplace is belonging to my aunt’s that located in Italy near Lake Garda. Lake Garda view becomes her backyard view perfectly there. I do really love to spend the afternoon there in the autumn with the fire in the stony fireplace there. The woods that become the other edge of the lake turn in yellow and the sun set view is really magnificent. Just spent the time with a cup of tea together with her there is really perfect for my holiday last year.

11 Photos of the Outdoor Fireplace Designs for the Magnificent Backyard