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Paris Themed Bathroom Décor for a Chic Bathroom Interior

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Using Paris themed bathroom décor can help you create a sophisticated look. If your home is decorated with a sophisticated flair, be cohesive with the theme by using Parisian themed bathroom decors. When using this style, you have two route options. You can go for a typical French bathroom or you can simply add Parisian touches in the interior design. The latter will cost less because you won’t be using a theme on the major elements instead will be only using it on small things to make accents.

Paris themed bathroom décor and other ways to create a French interior

Aside from the bathroom, the bedroom is one of the best rooms to use a Paris-themed interior. It’s romantic and very cozy. French country interior design has elements that are similar to shabby chic which contributes a charming flair to the interior design. For the bedroom, you can achieve this by using flirty patterns. Candy-colored décor impresses a light and carefree tone while using carved furniture and framed mirrors will add that luxurious touch.

paris themed bathroom decor

You can soften the windows by using floral printed curtains or tying them back with a ribbon. Use bedding that will match or complement the window treatments. For the walls, use toile wall paper to create a romantic look. Add wrought-iron décor to create an authentic periodic look or liven up the walls with café paintings or coffee signs. If you can find it, a crystal chandelier will look beautiful. Use the same decorating elements in the bathroom to create a French style bathroom interior design.

However, if you’re not ready to take on a major overhaul in the room, you can add Parisian accents. Use colors like pink, white or purple with a little touch of black. You’re going for a feminine feel but you can also go for something less girly. The goal is to create a sophisticated vibe. Use black and gold or other color schemes that give off a classy feel. Using accents on bathroom towels, shower curtains, bathroom mats, tiles or even on bathroom accessory sets will help you get the vibe going. Designs like the Eiffel Tower, pictures of Paris, coffee signs, vintage phones, stuffed poodles and others will accent the bathroom properly. You won’t have a hard time looking for Paris themed bathroom décor since they’re quite popular and very easy to find.

3 Photos of the Paris Themed Bathroom Décor for a Chic Bathroom Interior

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