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Portable Fireplace for Modern Sense House

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Then it is the solution of our modern house, the portable fireplace that will perfectly trim the house in minimalist sense thus beautifully. I just try to obtain one of them that might really suitable to my modern house. I want one that operated electrically and practically. The portable of the stuff make us can easily change the position of the fireplace and we can also keep them in the proper place if it is spring or summer. I just want one that will make my living room become more modern and adorable.

I have surveyed in the department store that sells the portable furnace. The furnace that really adorably is trims the table and the living room that intentionally set there beautifully. I just hooked to the two shapes of furnaces that shape in a square with black color and the one that come really handy and made of stainless steel. Both of them are electric fireplace. Then it is really portable and easy to bring everywhere we want to warm our selves.

Square Black Fireplace

This square black fireplace is really cool to be put in my house. The minimalist look of the square and the modern sense of the electric operation are really suitable to my modern minimalist living room. I plan to set the portable furnace right in my living room, but when I want to bring it in the other rooms I can easily bring it remember that the furnace is portable and really handy. I love the sense of the furnace and the price is really high. Yes, price talk.

“C” Stainless Steel Fireplace

This fireplace is really modern; the fireplace is come in a “C” shape that made of stainless steel and a glass as a wall to protect the fire. The shape is really modern. Just the same to the first portable furnace, the fireplace is really adorable to set in my modern and minimalist living room. The “C” shape make the sense come modernly thus really elegant that come along with the stainless steel glossy material. It would really lovable to set this kind of furnace right inside your home.


11 Photos of the Portable Fireplace for Modern Sense House