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Precious Children’s Rooms Adorned with Various Cute Wall Stickers

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I have worked for two years to keep children who live in luxurious house. Every day I always prepare what they need and clean and tidy up children’s rooms too. However, I feel happy every time I tidy up children’s bedroom in this house which is decorated well. This room is furnished with wooden bunk bed in contemporary style. This bunk bed is made of wood. Bed footboards are painted in yellow while another part of this bunk bed remains natural without any finishing. Both mattresses applied in this bunk bed are covered with colorful bedsheet. Pillows are polished in assorted colors too.

Colorful Furniture in Children’s Rooms

To get upper bed, children can up the small stairs made of wood. Stair steps are painted in light yellow. One side of beadboard is painted in soft purple color. Round mats in purple are laid on floor. There is long desk in white color that is utilized to study together. Yellow swivel chairs are set in front of this desk. Table lamp in each bedroom enlightens these cute children’s rooms with its soft lighting effect. I see yellow bookrack adhered on wall. All books are arranged neatly in this bookrack. Large wardrobe in yellow color is set o corner. I see wall mural painted with floral picture symbolizing feminine accent.

Embellish with Children’s Rooms Cute Wall Stickers

I also tidy up other kids room in this house in order to look perfect. This kids room looks bright with white color dominates this room. White beadboard and white floor looks so bright if sun reflects its light through glass bay window. Sectional wardrobe belongs to unique furniture that I have never seen before. This wardrobe is equipped with yellow and orange doors. There are two circular carpets in red and brown color. The red one is adorned with emoticon.

Bed divan is polished in yellow. Polka dots pillow is placed on white bed. Colorful emoticon stickers embellish plain white beadboard. There are red and yellow colors of wall bars to store adornment and any souvenirs. Bedside table with three red drawers are set next to bed. Yellow table lamp is placed on this bedside table. Futuristic desk with bookshelf in modern style is set nearby window. All books and stationery are arranged neatly on this shelf. Unique wall decorations applied in kids bedrooms make these cute children’s rooms design feels cheerful.

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