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Precious Christmas Mantel Decorated in Sparkling and Charming View

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As usual, when Christmas comes all of family have tradition to decorate house with sparkling lights and other Christmas decoration. My grandmother asks me to help her decorating interior to celebrate Christmas. So, I decide to get her house soon to create sparkling and beautiful decoration for interior design. When I arrive at her house, apparently she has designed her interior by herself. This I see Christmas Mantel that is decorated in red theme. I see some martini glasses are arranged neatly on this mantel. Each glass contains ball ornament in red color. These ball ornaments are embellished with flower shaped wrapping.

Red Decoration of Christmas Mantel

Besides, there are several candle lights that creates sparkling lights over this living space. Red beadboard is applied in this room which matches with red decoration that dominates this interior. Fringe of this white mantel is adorned with garlands in green and red color. Another Christmas Mantel decoration which I find in my grandmother’s house is wreath with sparkling lights. There are several cards which are arranged on this white mantel. Wreath in circle shape which is designed with sparkling LED lights makes this living space look shiny. This white wreath is adhered on white beadboard.

On the other side of mantel, there is sideboard with lacquered wooden material on its surface. This wooden sideboard is utilized to place some candles which create warm lights for inspiring decoration for Christmas. There is stainless steel fruit bowl containing glossy ball ornaments and green mistletoe. Some of those ornaments are polished in gold color. In my view this gold ball ornaments look shiny and sparkling when it is reflected by candle lights. Round base layer is utilized to place gold ball ornaments.

Lovely Christmas Mantel with Sparkling Wreath

I look around another living space which is adorned with Christmas decoration. Finally I find green wreath with sparkling lights, white ribbon, ball adornment, mistletoe. This wreath is adhered on white beadboard in this room. I think it matches with green wreath that creates fresh visualization. In this room, I also see great Christmas tree which has been embellished with mistletoe, snowflake, white ribbon, glossy ball ornaments and splendid lights. It is sparkling Christmas Mantel decoration which makes me interested.

20 Photos of the Precious Christmas Mantel Decorated in Sparkling and Charming View