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Red Oak Flooring and Plan for the House

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My cousin dreams to have a house with red oak flooring, and then he tries to realize the dream. He now is building a house near the town. The house does not have large land or narrow land. Then, he is trying to find the right flooring for the house. As said previously, my cousin wants to use the red oak for the flooring. Therefore, he is hunting the floor for getting the best wood. Moreover, he also considered the wood colors for the flooring.

Installing the Floor

My cousin’s house has done for about 40%. Then, he told me that he is doing the flooring step. Hence, I know that he has got the red oak. Moreover, he wants to apply the wood for differentiating the room. Then, he installs the different red oak floor to his house. For installing the floor, he starts with the living room floors. He installs the common color of the red oak hardwood floor. He thinks that the color will suit to the furniture later. The color also represents the simplicity, and then it could be combined with any kind of furniture and decorations.

Installing the Floor More

After thinking to the living room, my cousin goes to the television room. He wants to install the darker color for the flooring. Hence, he installs the Brazilian red oak flooring there. The color is darker and has specific color in the floor. It gives the warm look for the room. Then, he thinks to set the copper red oak floor in the bedroom. The color is slightly darker than the Brazilian. Hence, my cousin wants to create the shady look in the bedroom.

Moreover, my cousin sets the curly red oak floor in the kitchen. The curly pattern suits to the brown wooden kitchen island and the brown wooden kitchen counter in his future kitchen. In addition, he wants to show the separation of the kitchen and the dining room. Hence, he installs the white red oak for the dining room floor. He thinks that the wood color will suit to the brown round wooden dining table and the dining chairs. Nevertheless, I still expect the real design for his house if the house has finished.


10 Photos of the Red Oak Flooring and Plan for the House