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Renovate Your Bathroom to Get Better Refreshing Area

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Renovate Your Bathroom is not as troublesome as the people think. Renovation process can also be fun. Just do some right steps to get the better bathroom. Check some renovation tips below!

Renovate Your Bathroom: What We Should Change?

You should think before decide to renovate your bathroom. If your bathroom looks dull and very out-dated, then it will be a good timing to do some renovations.  First think first, what part which we should change? Some parts are just beautiful as it is. But, some parts need to be fixed to get better look. You need to decide to whether the bathroom just makes over or complete re-layout. If you found out that the lighting is inadequate, the furniture was molding, the water spot ceiling is become yellow, and the tiles is falling down, so it will better to redesign those parts.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovate Your Bathroom Ideas

Renovate Your Bathroom: Step by Step

Here are step by step how to renovate your bathroom. First, you must consider what design that the new bathroom will be. Are you need to extend the space or not? Are you needed to add toilet or powder room or vanity? After you decide the new design, the next step is demolishing the wasted things. Remove everything old which not be useful anymore include old plumbing system, bathroom taps and many more. Step third is renovating the plumbing system. If you want or remodel your plumbing, the system must be first to re-plumb. Then, you need to install wall lining. Remodel the plumbing system make almost the whole wall bathroom ruined. After that, you also need to re-design the backsplash.

Last but not least, install the bathroom with toilet or water closet. Check some installations and make sure there are no leaks on them. Test the bathroom and prove it that no damage. Add the lighting and clean the bathroom from clutter. That’s all for renovate your bathroom.

8 Photos of the Renovate Your Bathroom to Get Better Refreshing Area

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