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Self Sustaining Homes in the Other Parts of the World

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I have visited several places in which apply the self sustaining homes. I had experience in several places that can give me the memorable experiences. Perhaps, many people do not know that the other parts of the world, there are many wonderful places with incredible society. I have visited one that is called as angels’ nest. It is a kind of a house in which the house is installed the solar panels for the energy. This house also applied many windows with the frameless type. Hence, most of the construction consists of the wood, steel, and the glass. It looks like a conservatory.

Self Sustaining Homes Cream Wall Wide Windows Long Roof

More Experiences

I then compared the house with the ordinary wooden house in which we can uninstall the wood timbers. The house with solar panels will give more advantages than we just changed the timbers for the house. Moreover, I have visited the place with unique house construction. It is made from the sand beach. Yet, the house is not easy ruined by water and the sunlight. This house is a kind of the unique place in the beach. I have ever stayed there for a half day though.

More Different Houses

Apart from the beach, I have ever visited the house in the middle of the meadow. The house shows the camouflage of the grass. Hence, all parts of the house painted in green. The house is like to observe the wild animals in the meadow. More than that, I have ever visited the exotic place. This house has warm weather and swimming pool. I saw the wooden gazebo near the swimming pool. Then, I could see the bright sky above my head.

Furthermore, my friend has ever asked me to visit the unique house somewhere in a country. She showed me the different architecture for the house. The house has the inner yard. The shape of the house is square or circle looking from the top of the hill. This house is one of the memorable house in which the house can provide its energy to the people living in the house. However, I would arrange my plan to visit other sustained houses around the world.

7 Photos of the Self Sustaining Homes in the Other Parts of the World