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Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Kitchen

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If you have a small space for your kitchen then you will really need the small kitchen island ideas. The small kitchen island will really help you to save the space in your kitchen that come in a small space. Then, you can just easily find out the small kitchen island that will really blend to your kitchen theme thus really suitable to your taste. My kitchen is come in a minimalist look with the white counters and cabinets. Then I just really confuse to set kinds of Kitchen Island in my kitchen.

Then I decided to see my granny’s and my neighbor’s kitchen island that also comes in a small size because of the kitchen is also small. Moreover their kitchen is also come in a minimalist sense. Then I can try to obtain the kitchen island that might be really suitable to my kitchen thus will trim it perfectly. No need the one that come in a stylish mood, just the one that can be blended to the other kitchen appliances that already exist is enough I think.

A Quarter Circle Kitchen Island

This kind of Kitchen Island is belongs to my granny. She is really loved to set the unusual shape things inside her house. The shape of the kitchen island is in a quarter rounds and has a black marble countertop in it. The sense of the kitchen is still in a minimalist and simple. The sense is really blended to the wooden floor and the wooden color counters and cabinets there. I do really love to see the shape of the kitchen island that comes unusually, but in my opinion, the shape is not really suitable to mine.

A Round Kitchen Island

Then this is belongs to my neighbor. The round kitchen island that come really minimalist and beautiful to trim the minimalist kitchen, it is trimmed by the brown marble countertop that really suitable to the white counters and the cabinets there. The look is really nice to be blend to the pale wooden lacquered floor there. Moreover the round sink that placed in the round kitchen island is really makes the sense there more precisely. The classic backsplash and the other kitchen appliances is really perfectly combined.


12 Photos of the Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Kitchen