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Small Sectional Sofa for Idly Modern Living Room

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Last week I went to the department store to accompany my mother to search for the small sectional sofa for our living room. I asked her what for, she just answer that she want the idly look in our living room. Then she tries to obtain the sectional sofa. She enticed me to follow her in the department store to give her the suggestion about the color, material, and the other aspect that she might not really understand about it.

Grey Sofa Minimalist Look Modern Design Metal Legs

There are a lot of options for the living room. I know that all of the sofa is really beautiful and come in various type and style, but my mother just want to obtain the one that come in modern look and can blend to our living room that come in a grey shade. There we have three options. The first is the choice of my mother and the second is a set of sectional sofa that can be change the function as the bed as well. Well, for my mother the second choice is too much then she chose the first one for our living room.

Grey Sectional Sofa with Yellow Hue

This is the choice of my mother. She chose the sofa because this sofa will be really blended to our living room, the grey shade living room. Moreover, the reason my mother is really attracted to the sofa because of the bonuses. The bonuses are two yellow small table and the yellow cushions. That will trim the grey shade of the living room with the yellow hue perfectly. Then the shape of the sofa is really idly and simple. Then it is perfect like what my mother expected.

Dark Blue Sofa with Beds

Then it is the second options that my mother said it is too much. Actually the double functions of the sofa really attract me. I love to see when the sofa can be the frame of the bed perfectly. The sofa also can be set as the bed frame that comes modern and minimalist. It is really suitable to the person that lived in a small apartment that have no space to keep sofa and bed there, sounds quite pity, but this sofa offers the solutions of it perfectly.

11 Photos of the Small Sectional Sofa for Idly Modern Living Room