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Sofa Warehouse for the Minimalist Living Room

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Last weekend I went to sofa warehouse with my sister. She is a sofa collector. Moreover, this year she will get married and will lived with her husband will be in a new apartment in New York. Then she just wants to search for the sofa for her new apartment. She really love sofa and she is a sofa addicted, I do not know why. She said that she has to own the comfortable and stylish sofas in her apartment will be. She wants the one that can blend with the sense of the room thus really comfortable to use.

Dark Brown Sofa Typical Motive Cushions Wooden Legs Two Seats

Then we arrived in the warehouse that sells a lot of sofa. Actually the entire sofa there looks the same just covered by the different color of fabrics and the shape. But for my sister, that was really making her choice significantly. We take a walk there for about 5 hours and finally find the right one for my sister. She really selective to chose the sofa, then it takes a long time to make the decision there. She chose the sofa that comes in a beige color with bonus a stripes cushion and a flowery.

Beige Color Sofa

It is her choice for her new apartment. The sofa just has three seats and the color come I beige. You know? The beige that I think it is an absurd color that seems like cream but little bit brown but also grey and a bit green and I do not really know, then it called as beige color. So far, the color is really nice and can be blended to her apartment. Moreover the shape is really simple and modern. What make her really like the sofa is because of the bonuses of cushions that I have explained before.

Dark Blue Color Sofa

Different from her taste of sofa, I had prefer the one that come in dark blue or little bit electric, sofa that also come with bonuses of cushions. The cushions are come in the same color with the sofa and have a mosaic motive in it, really beautiful. The he sofa itself, actually not as modern as the beige one, but it is rather classic with the wooden legs and the typical accent in the arm that curved and the circled things that trim the sofa perfectly there.

12 Photos of the Sofa Warehouse for the Minimalist Living Room