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Sophisticated Smart Homes Supported with Accessible Internet Tools

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I have an appointment with professor to give him a research document. He does not attend to office, so I need to see him at his house right now. This house has futuristic design which I have never seen before. Surely this house is supplied with high technical application that is usually found in computer. But the professor has brilliant ideas to insert digital layer on every spots in this house. He says that Smart Homes is trend house design for this year. That is why he creates a house by adopting high technical concept as other futuristic house do.

Futuristic Interior in Smart Homes

Wall and floor in this house is utilized as screen to present what kinds of application available in internet and your computer. Of course, you can play the game, videos, and spend your time with sophisticated entertainment device without carrying your gadget or computer. All parts of this house functions as media to present application likewise application in computer. The professor says that he can access all applications in internet from every spots in his house. Surely he can access it freely since, floor and wall function as touch screen that enables him to operate those application. It is one of designs of Smart Homes that can be reference if I build futuristic house.

Smart Homes with Accessible Tool in Furniture

Bedroom which its beadboard is painted in white is supplied with digital layer too. Surely application on this beadboard is connected with internet. Occupants in this house are delight to access internet anytime and anywhere during they stay at home. I assume this house is transformed into sophisticated house that has futuristic vision. Wall and floor which functions as touch screen enable occupant to access internet because digital layer in this house is quite flexible.

Even, when I sit on black sofa in living room, I am surprised of display projected from computer. At first, I assume that it is just artistic pattern or design of floor, but when I observe it longer, I can see that it is real application of computer that is projected on floor. Surely I can operate any application through this floor. All sophisticated design of Smart Homes gives inspiration to decorate my house in unusual design.

12 Photos of the Sophisticated Smart Homes Supported with Accessible Internet Tools