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Splendid Room Wallpaper in Vintage Style as Alternative Decoration

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My cousin invites me to join party in her house. I find different decoration of her house since I came here two years ago. I realize what makes living space here looks different is room wallpaper fitted on wall. This artistic wallpaper creates artistic sense to everyone who sees it. A living space designed where my cousin usually spends her free time is embellished with floral print wallpaper. This floral room wallpaper arouses fresh atmosphere. In addition it also represents feminine character of owners. On floral print wallpaper, there is gold frame with artistic picture. Vintage mirror adhered on wall is designed in large size.

Floral Room Wallpaper Represents Feminine Character

Not only mirror that is designed in classic style, but also table is crafted in vintage flair. This table has unique texture and it is polished in Tosca. Two drum table lamps are placed on this table and so is white vase consisting of fake flowers. Classic bed sofa feels so cozy. Stripes pattern sofa cushion is placed on this sofa. Tulip table in white color is placed next to this bed sofa. Beautiful glazed pots containing artificial flowers embellish this room. When I look at curtain which is designed with floral pattern, I am surprised because it has similar design with floral vintage room wallpaper. So, this curtain seems as if it melds with this wallpaper.

Harmonious Tone of Furniture and Room Wallpaper

When I get inside dining room to have lunch, I find classic style of wallpaper and upholstery applied there. I assume that my cousin intentionally generalize pattern of upholstery and wallpaper. Wallpaper which is designed with flamingo represents classic style of interior design. This red wallpaper looks more artistic with flamingo pictures. Curtain is designed with same pattern as wallpaper.

Similar pattern is found in upholstered side chairs too. Of course these side chairs are crafted in classic style. Wooden dining table is polished in dark brown color with high gloss finish. There are several pottery cups and old teapot made of stainless steel. Fake flowers on dining table arouse fresh sight over room. There is classic chair made of wood in dark brown. Indoor plant is applied in this room to provide fresh air. Carpet with floral pattern matches with vintage room wallpaper ideas fitted in this room.

10 Photos of the Splendid Room Wallpaper in Vintage Style as Alternative Decoration