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Steel Stair Treads for an Industrial Look in Your Home Interior

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Until recently, steel stair treads are used only for commercial buildings. They’re now used as interior decorations for modern living spaces. There are a lot of options when it comes to steel stairs. You can create different steel structures like single or multiple flights. You also have the option to create a spiral stair design and others. What most people see as the best advantage of steel tread stairs is that they’re the type of materials that can easily be made in advance. The material is also easily molded and are easy to assemble but can maintain heavy loads without being deformed.

However, there’s also a disadvantage to this type of materials. This material creates a lot of noise. People walking will be heard and another thing is that it corrodes easily. So, you will have to take into consideration your location. Beach houses shouldn’t use this kind of material. It can also become very slippery when wet or covered in snow.

stainless steel stair treads and risers

What you should know about steel stair treads in your home

The design of your stairs should conform to certain standards. It should be comfortable, secure or non-slip and in tune with the environment. However, since we’re talking about steel stairs inside the house, the last part won’t matter much. For safety reasons, make sure the surface of the stair tread is ribbed or covered with a non-slip material. This is applicable for any steel stair tread whether it’s inside or outside the house.

There are different designs that can help make your home interior look industrial or modern. The straight stair design with steel stair treads is the most common one. Most of these types of design are composed of strings. Strings connect the staircase to the floor by welding or bolting. You have the option to go for a traditional support beam or create a more modern look by suspending the stairs instead. For a spiral steel tread stairs, invest a lot on non-slip materials because the design is prone to more slipping. The spiral staircase made from steel isn’t the most convenient design you can go for but a lot of homeowners are using them to create a romantic tone to the room.

The overall incorporation of steel in the interior design of a home can really give that modern and industrial look to the home. But if you’re using steel tread stairs, don’t forget non-slip materials and additional painting to help mute the noise.



3 Photos of the Steel Stair Treads for an Industrial Look in Your Home Interior

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