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Stunning Maldives Island to Rent a Piece of Heaven for Your Honeymoon

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For a very long time I could only imagine living or maybe spending some times for getting away to an exotic island in which I could rent a piece of heaven like in Maldives. Last month, I dared myself to go there with my partner for having a vacation. Well, we saved enough money to go to Hawaii, but it becomes overly mainstream to go there. Besides, Maldives sounds more tempting compared to some other popular islands-destinations spread over internet. We stayed there for almost a week. Actually we planned to stay there a bit longer but we already booked the ticket and my husband might lose his job if he hid away from his boss for too long.

Maldives’ Resort to Rent a Piece of Heaven

Some people’s ideas of vacation might be too conventional for my husband and I. We like traveling in a quite far places, where it is secluded but we are still able to reach out the world and civilization. Some ideas sparked in our minds like going to popular destinations, but that would be cheating on our ideal of having vacation: getting away from daily activities, spoiling our body and mind and gain strength. That supported our idea to rent a piece of heaven in Maldives. Maldives is known for its beautiful landscape and we cannot agree more upon that idea. So that is it, we packed our bags, arranged two-way flights, and ready for our romantic adventure.

Amazing ocean view Wooden railing Dark egg chair Contemporary sofa cushions

Here are some pictures we took from the resort where we stayed, called Velassaru. The place was so dreamy, so blue, so beautiful. We could not forget how pretty the scenery is, and loved spending in open spots where we can chill out and relax but still able to see oceanic view and to see water surround us. There is a picture where I swam and my husband took the picture of me swimming while reading his book from a cabin which located a bit above the water. I really love that picture.

Get Your Own Reservation to Rent a Piece of Heaven in Maldives Now

The room where we stayed used modern architecture. The whole resort combines perfect mix of natural views with modern and simplistic architecture. I totally recommend staying there because the place has beautiful oceanic views and gives you perfect combination of earth and ocean portion from the island as a whole. Furniture with earth-toned colors dominate most rooms and give natural feeling to the atmosphere. Overall, our trip to rent a piece of heaven in Maldives’ Velassaru was successful.

35 Photos of the Stunning Maldives Island to Rent a Piece of Heaven for Your Honeymoon

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