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Stunning Modern Hotel Design Used by Famous Figure

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This legendary house has been visited by famous figure in this world, the modern hotel design with luxurious hotel room makes famous person like Queen Elizabeth ever sleep in one of the presidential suite in this hotel. This hotel also already is the iconic symbol of the Chile. Lies in the tropical area, this hotel gives a perfect autumn scene with natural view surround the hotel. The facilities in this hotel also really complete with a great service and exclusive treatment for us.

Iconic Modern Hotel Design

Look at this pictures, this is the picture of the iconic hotel in Chile. It is a great hotel with modern hotel design plans in every single part of the hotel. This hotel builds in 1951 that is why this hotel celebrated the 62 years in this year. Many famous people has visited this iconic hotel design by Jorge Elton, this wonderful hotel become the proud of the Chile. It is a great place with fascinating interior home ideas inside of the hotel room.

The exterior condition of this house is still look nice even the age of the hotel is past at the half century. This hotel also located in the volcano area in Chile. There are a lot of tree that surrounding this fabulous hotel with 2km large of the natural size outside the hotel area. It brings a fresh air, natural scheme, and relaxing environment in this sensational hotel. So, you do not need to surprise if many famous people like Neil Armstrong have been here.

Luxurious Interior Design of Modern Hotel Design

From outside, you can see that this hotel has natural exterior shade for the exterior. The stone wall outside the hotel that covered it plus the green tree natural color surround it give a strong natural scheme in the exterior ideas of the hotel. But if you look deep inside of the hotel, you can find the luxurious interior design ideas with luxurious furniture n it. It is really contrast with the exterior design of the hotels. It is wonderful hotel with modern hotel design ideas.

20 Photos of the Stunning Modern Hotel Design Used by Famous Figure