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Stunning Villa Les Rizieres in Bali with Natural and Traditional Interior Design

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Last winter I spent my holiday in villa les Rizieres in Bali. Bali is a province in Indonesia that come with its beautiful beaches and the tropical view and the sun that shine all of the year that make the country come in summer all year long. I just really loved to spend my days in the villa. I do really love the service and the interior design that trim the villa perfectly. Then what makes me really love the service is the flowers bath for every day in the afternoon. Then I get massage, so lovely.

Then what I do really adore is to swim in the infinity swimming pool of adorable villa les Rizieres in Bali that come together with the natural tropical scenery from the third or second floor. I just loved to spent my morning to swam there together with my friends and after we all tired, we get the breakfast in the restaurant that give us the tasty food ala Indonesian taste with the spice and some special ingredients that might be not found in my country.

Villa Les Rizieres in Bali Living Room

In the villa we provided the living room that really comfortable. The sense there is just like home together with the air conditioner that can make the atmosphere there cooler in the tropical hot weather. Then the puffy sofa and the comfortable rug is really adorable to treat me just like home. Then the thing that I do really adore there is the traditional painting that hang in the wall above the sofa perfectly. There I just spent my night with my friend to talk about the plan for the next day.

Villa Les Rizieres in Bali Bedroom

My room there is come in spacious look and magnificent sense. The sense is really luxurious and really adorable. The wide windows make me felt the sun shine in the morning with the tropical sun that make the room fresher. Moreover, I have my own private bathroom there. The bathroom is really come beautifully and adorable with the traditional look of Balinese statue there that blended with the modern bath stuffs in the villa les Rizieres in Bali, Indonesia perfectly.

18 Photos of the Stunning Villa Les Rizieres in Bali with Natural and Traditional Interior Design