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Stylish Teen Room Design with Colorful Concept

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I have heard much about Teen Room Design, especially for girl. In a modern home living, for me it is very important to have great rooms inside, including bedroom design. I have ever got a new great experience when I visited my brother’s house which is located in Bristol. In his house, I met many interesting things, including the interior design, especially in the bedrooms. However, from those bedrooms in his house, there is a great bedroom design which is specially designed for his teens. I was so attracted to explore further about his teen bedroom design.

Blue Colored Teen Room Design

Like what you see in the picture, it is my teen bedroom design which can be found in my brother’s house. Actually, there are about three teen bedrooms in his house. The first one is a teen bedroom which is designed in a decoration which is full of blue color. The blue color in his teen bedroom is given because his girl teen loves blue color. In that Teen Room Design Ideas, I saw there is a blue colored wall painting. It is not only that, the bedcover and the pillows in that bedroom are also in blue. That blue decoration looks much better with the combination of modern furniture.

However, the furniture is not in blue at all. There are several furnishings which are in white and brown color. About the desk, in that teen bedroom design, there is a white colored desk and it is also combined with the brown color at the surface of the desk. The surface of that desk is made from wooden material. I like that combination of color. Besides that, I also felt something which is very comfortable for my foot.

Brown Decoration in Teen Room Design

When I look down on the floor, I saw there is a very comfortable carpet. It really makes me feel the comfort of high quality carpet. After I explored the first teen bedroom, I was also invited to the second floor. There is also a teen bedroom. That teen bedroom is full of brown and orange decoration. The color in that Teen Bedroom Design Ideas comes from the wooden furnishings and painting.

10 Photos of the Stylish Teen Room Design with Colorful Concept