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Tardis Teapot for Conservative Afternoon Tea

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My grandmother likes to collect the teapot such the Tardis teapot. The teapot as my grandmother said is the crucial thing for her. She is a kind of traditional woman. She grew up in the conservative family. It was not a typical family in the modern era. She is also different from my parents or my uncle and my aunt. Since she is a traditional and conservative woman, she still does the afternoon tea. When I visited her last month, she asked me to join the afternoon tea.

What the Teapot is

My grandmother now likes to use that particular teapot recently. She said to me that she likes the shape and the function. She also mentioned the color of the teapot. When she uses the teapot, she will feature the teapot with floral cups or white plain cups. Talking about the shape, the teapot had square shape. It is not like the usual teapot which has tubular shape. Moreover, the teapot has unique pattern for the surface. It is like an apartment building. It is featured with windows and the roof.



More about the Teapot

My grandmother does like the teapot because it can provide around twenty five ounces for the tea. It means that a teapot can fulfill around six cups of tea. Moreover, my grandmother knows the teapot will keep the heat from the beverage. Hence, she does not need to reheat the tea. This is the important function. Most people tend to have the hot tea for the afternoon tea instead of the cold tea. Therefore, my grandmother really likes this teapot. On the other hands, the teapot is made from ceramic in which is safe for the usage.

Furthermore, I asked my grandmother about the price. Then, my grandmother said that the price is around $34. I think that the price is quite costly. Yet, my grandmother said that the price is relevant to the quality that you can get from the teapot. Moreover, she also suggests me to use the teapot in my house. Then, the afternoon tea tradition will be always done in the modern society anyway.

7 Photos of the Tardis Teapot for Conservative Afternoon Tea