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Terrace Design Built around the House

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My older sister wants to build a house integrating the terrace design. She wants to build the outdoor living by building the terrace simultaneously to the main house. My older sister wants to get the right design to realize her willingness for the house. She then told her plan to her husband. Moreover, her husband agreed with the plan. Then, my older sister started to find the design that time. She also asked me to find several designs for her. More than that, she asked all of her friends to give her some inspirations.

The Terrace for the House

All of her friends and I gave her many designs for the terrace. I personally gave her the pictures for the terrace in hotels and bungalows. In the pictures, I saw the wooden ceiling and the wooden floor for the terrace. Then, I saw the cream sofas in the terrace. Moreover, the terrace also featured with hidden lamps focused on the sofa. On the other hands, I saw the dark brown rattan sofa for the terrace with brown vinyl canopy. Then, her friends gave her some inspirations of the rear, back, or even roof terrace.

The Choice of My Sister

My sister understood after seeing the terrace pictures. She then applied some designs of them. She finally built the rear, back and the roof terrace in her house. She was interested to build the terraces for the outdoor living. She wanted to create the correlation with the nature outside. She then built the back terrace first. She placed the brown rattan divan with white seating pads for the seats. Then, she added the brown rattan table as well. To give the colors, she added the red and orange cushions.

Moreover, my sister placed the pale wooden table and bench for the rear terrace. She built the terrace without a canopy, so that she looked for the durable wood like teak. Furthermore, she built the small terrace in her roof. She built the half circle wooden bench there. Then, the bench featured with white round fireplace table. She then added the cream pool bench in the roof terrace. However, it was the great idea for the terrace in the house.


10 Photos of the Terrace Design Built around the House