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TV on the Wall Ideas in the Apartment

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My younger brother likes watching television much, and the he came up with the TV on the wall ideas. He applied the ideas for his new apartment near his college. He moved there after he got the part time job. He wants to have independent living actually since he graduated from the senior high school, but our parents did not allow him. Moreover, he lives in his own apartment. Then, he added his favorite things there like the television.

TV on the Wall Ideas Brown Wooden Wall Panels Browm Wooden Cabinets White Shelves

The Ideas for the Room

My younger brother told his plan to me. He invited me to see around his new apartment. He told me that he would get the right ideas for the apartment. He wanted to place the television in his television room which is combined with the living room. Then, he wanted to place the television in the kitchen. He showed me while he pointed the spots to place the television. He walked around while he showed me the plan excitedly. My younger brother and I have a close relationship than the other siblings. Hence, he told me the plan for his apartment.

Realizing the Ideas

My younger brother then told me several days later after I came to his apartment. He told me that he had already done with the ideas. I was very curious about the look. Then, I decided to visit him after works. He opened his door and allowed me to come in. He showed the unique wooden curve television frame. It shows the wall illusion on the brownish yellow wall. Then, he showed me the red television wall panel in front of the black wall panel. He featured the wall with red and white shelves. It is placed in the kitchen.

Moreover, my younger brother also showed me the television wall in his bedroom. He installed the black wall there with red television frame. Hence, it is like the pictures in a frame. My younger brother also showed me the small library with white hanging wall. This wall is featured with home theatre. He also placed the white table under the hanging wall. However, he could realize his television ideas for sure.

6 Photos of the TV on the Wall Ideas in the Apartment