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Unique Bed Model Description of Design

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If one is any good at chemistry, a molecular structure model should be a familiar image in the head evoked when seeing the Feel Seating System. This unique bed model, designed by Animi Cause, is among the most oddly yet flexibly shaped bed around. The shape, as Cause describes, is supposed to resemble a molecular construction of atoms inside particles. Of course this would be apparent only to those familiar with chemistry, as it resembles more like a collection of tennis balls tied together.

The Appearance of the Bed Model by Animi Cause

The reason why the bed is classified as unique is the design. The extreme bed model design resembles some balls of bright red colors tied up together into tiers by threads. These balls are all as soft as fur despite their shape projecting an image of a painful platform to sleep upon. The threads connecting the red are actually not literally threads. They resemble more like ropes of thick diameter, of course with soft material composition.

As has been mentioned earlier, the bed design is inspired by the construction model of molecules. This unorthodox inspiration is also the reason it being very unique. In fact, the Freshome site included it as one of the most extremely built model of a bed. It is perfectly suitable for people who want to try sleeping with different experience they usually get on beds with conventional designs.

The Functionality of the Bed Model by Animi Cause

If the unique look is not so convincing, perhaps it would be up to the functionality of this bed to make a better impression upon it. The extreme bed design, apart from bearing unique appearance, also has a unique feature of functionality. It is strange though to think how exactly a bed could be unique in functionality apart from being a place to sleep on. The aspect of being used as a platform to sleep on is where the uniqueness of its functionality lies. The bed is easily adjustable as it is really light and fluffy. It has no fixed shape so it is up to the person sleeping on it bulk a surface of the bed as pillow, or folding it, or clumping it in one point to make it warmer.

21 Photos of the Unique Bed Model Description of Design