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Unique Design of Lacrimi si sfinti

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Most of people who are living in Romania must understand about the Lacrimi si sfinti restaurant. This is actually the restaurant that has the unique name and also the unique decoration of its building design in all parts of the decoration. It is derived from the Romanian language which means tears and saints. This unique restaurant is located in the area of Bucharest. The design of the restaurant is being created by the touch of Christian Corvin and his fabulous design. It makes this restaurant to become the destination of people who wish to get the unforgettable moment in their life with the unique manner.

Lacrimi si sfinti and Its Feature

The design of Lacrimi si sfinti restaurant is applying the traditional touch that is combined with the traditional style of the Romanian culture. It makes the wonderful style in its wall decoration as well. The key concept of the establishment uses the concept of the Lego style that becomes the factor that makes this restaurant looks unique. We can get this combination of the restaurant design with the additional element such as the traditional wall coloring system as well.

Traditional Touch of Lacrimi si sfinti

The restaurant is providing the foods which are coming from the Romanian kitchen cuisine style. It is the mixture of the foods, meals, and also drinks from the traditional and also modern touch. Yet, there are also some menus that provide the modern menu. There is one thing that makes the Romanian restaurant looks wonderful and also stunning. This thing is because of the existence of the folkloric artifacts within the restaurant. It is usually put in the wall of the restaurant all the way.

The additional part of the Lego is actually aimed at creating the creative touch of the wall decoration. There are also some other elements which are put in the wall such as the carpets which are hanging in the wall. It becomes the wall decoration that creates such an interesting moment for those who are visiting this restaurant. The furniture which is used is also derived from the traditional touch of the Romanian culture. Thus, we will be able to enjoy the traditional culture of Romanian culture in unique Lacrimi si sfinti restaurant right now.

17 Photos of the Unique Design of Lacrimi si sfinti