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Unique Style of Hanging Home with Contemporary Design

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The idea of the establishment of hanging home design is firstly initiated by the design established by Richard England who tries to make the celebration of the Villa la Maltija in the garden. The concept of the hanging home is becoming the best recommendation for those who wish to feel the uncommon home condition. The design is completed by one of the most well known architects in Malta who is Chris Briffa Architect and their teams. They started to establish this idea of the establishment in the late of 2011.

Hanging Home and Its Unique Design

The design of this home is using the concept of the comfortable manner on that people would get the easy moment in creating the fabulous moment with their family. There is some consideration that should be taken well before we plan to build the unique hanging home. The first idea of this hanging house is appearing above the swimming pool. It is because of the demand of people who wish to get the outdoor moment even though they are staying within the house. It will create the generous outdoor moment for those who are passionate on it.

Strong Construction of Hanging Home

The construction should be designed with the strong construction. There are some parts of the designs that need to be constructed well such as the staircase level, the composition of the horizontal line, steel, and also the marble component. The interior finishing also needs to be applied well. The steel staircase is being considered as the parts of the design of the home that needs to be planned well. The properties which exist there should also be considered. We may also provide the side terraces in making the unique touch on the properties design of the house.

The hanging house may also be designed with the common home decoration such as the implementation of the sunny kitchen part, then the garage, and also the living room. Overall, the design is just same with the other kinds of the home design. The thing that makes this different is only on the hanging style which rests on the vertical design of home. Indeed, this home design is one of the most unique designs of home that can be implemented now. The unique hanging home installation will make our home looks different with the other home in common and making it wonderful as well.

10 Photos of the Unique Style of Hanging Home with Contemporary Design