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Vibrant Interiors Applied to the House

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I visited my aunt’s house in the suburb area, and then I explored her house with vibrant interiors more. I was very interested in her house since she moved there five years ago. I will never enough to find the interesting parts of the house every I visit her. My aunt built the house with different interior design from other typical houses. She also built the different house concept as well. She built the bungalow in her backyard. She provided the bungalow for her guests.

The Bungalow as the Part of the House

When I visited my aunt’s house that time, I entered the bungalow in the backyard. The bungalow is very luxury I think. I saw the bungalow is like an apartment. She designed it with saving small space design. She added the dual level space for the bungalow. She created the brown pull out bed. The bed is pulled out from the level of the dual level space. She built the kitchen and dining space in the upper level floor. Hence, she placed the television and living room in the lower space with the brown desk and brown chair as the workspace.

Exploring the House

I walked out of the bungalow to see the library room. My aunt told me that she added the different decorations in the library room. She asked me to find the differences. I felt challenged for it. I entered the room and then I still saw the white wooden wall bookshelves there with grey glass sliding doors. I also still saw the large television. Then, I walked around the room. I sat on the creamy brown sofa in which added with blue floral slipcovers. My aunt also changed the polka dot carpet with green striped carpet in the room. I was very surprised to the differences. Yet, it was really refreshing.

Moreover, I came out of the room to find some drinks in the kitchen. I also like doing something in my aunt’s kitchen. She placed the brown Italian kitchen cabinets and counter there. She applied the brown floral wallpaper as the backsplash. She put the brown dining table with brown floral dining chairs in the dining room. However, I really like staying in my aunt’s house for several days.


16 Photos of the Vibrant Interiors Applied to the House