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Wall Mirrors for Living Room in Any Theme of Room

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Wall mirrors for living room is really enliven the sense inside the living room perfectly. There are so many wall mirrors that come variously depend on a theme of the mirror itself. From the vintage look that use the golden frame, and the French style that use the white frame and the golden hue in it, and then the minimalist look that use the pale wooden as the frame, and the modern look that make the mirror in a shape that really beautiful like leaves, flowers, or even in a half round shape.

Couch Shape Mirror Minimalist Drawer Grey Floor Blue Wall

I ever saw those kinds of mirror in the house that I ever visited. Then I make the nominations for the two wall mirror that really trim the room perfectly as the theme that the mirror brings. The first is the vintage wall mirror that belongs to my Granny, and the second is belong to my uncle that come in a modern wall mirror. The look is actually different both of them, but I do really love the sense when the look of the mirror blend perfectly there with the room theme and the shade.

Golden Hue Vintage Wall Mirror

This golden hue vintage wall mirror is really come in a classic theme perfectly. My granny gets it when she was travelled to French when she was young together with my grandpa. The look still good as new, the mirror still clear and the sense still make me fall in love to the vintage theme there. Moreover, my granny make it really suitable to be put there with the classic sitting lamp, white couch and colorful vintage cushions that really trim the sense there in a totally vintage look.

Flower and Leaves Shape Wall Mirror

Then the last is belonging to my Uncle. The mirror is shaped in leaves and flower. The wall mirror is fulfilled the wall in his living room perfectly, just really beautiful as the modern wall mirror then. The really awesome sense that make me love to stand there o watch my face upon the mirror. Moreover my uncle blend the sense with the white wall and the cream round rug that really make the sense there is magnificent.

12 Photos of the Wall Mirrors for Living Room in Any Theme of Room