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Wonderful Classic Italian Interiors for Bedroom

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It has been long time for me not to visit Classic Italian Interiors which is in my girlfriend’s house. I am longing to feel the atmosphere of that interior. It is caused by her interior design looks very amazing. Besides that, her modern home living is also equipped with the classic bedroom. It was my lucky when I was invited by my girlfriend to go to her old house which is located in Italy. After taking about several hours trip from Wales, I arrived in her house. From the outside, her house looks like the other ordinary house. However, I get something different when I entered her house for the first time after about long time I have not visited that house.

New Look of Classic Italian Interiors

The first thing that I feel in that house is the Traditional Italian Interiors in her living room. However, it is not only living room in her house which is equipped with the Italian interior in classic concept. However, her bedroom is also equipped with the Italian interior in classic concept. It is caused by my girl friend prefer to have such classic interior in her bedroom. Because the time is still afternoon, I decided to explore her bedroom which is located in the first floor first.

Like what you see in the picture, her bedroom looks elegant with the combination of classic interior and wooden material. The wooden material in her bedroom makes it has more stunning view. Besides that, on the both left side and right side of the headboard, I found two beautiful lamps. Those lamps are also equipped with unique lampshade as well. Therefore her bedroom looks creative and interesting.

Comfortable Bed in Classic Italian Interiors

I look up and I saw there is one more interesting thing. That is the existence of extremely beautiful curtain. The curtains make her bedroom feel more romantic. Still in her romantic bedroom design ideas, there is also a set of sofa. After that I took a rest in her living room. Because of it was night, I decided to sleep. My girlfriend invited me to sleep in her bedroom that I have visited. The bed is very comfortable with the combination of Classic Italian Interiors in that bedroom.

11 Photos of the Wonderful Classic Italian Interiors for Bedroom