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Wonderful Kids Bedroom Design for Girls

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Bedroom to kids serves generally not only as place where they know they would sleep in every night. It is the small world of their imagination. Therefore, ensuring the designing process of kids bedroom, although overlooked by many, is actually important in ensuring a proper intelligence and creativity growth for the children. While playful arrangement of design that includes applying cartoon posters and splattering bright colors are normal for boys’ room, girls’ in the other hand needs delicate touch.

Implementing Delicate Touch of Design to Kids Bedroom

Delicate touch of design is relatable to being feminine. Girls of young age particularly like such characteristic to be implemented in their room. After all, it is better to see the young girls grow up as intellect young ladies than some messed up virgins. While in theory, the applying of delicate design includes the supplementation of softer colors, some reference may be used in giving a clearer idea about the detail in creating delicate and minimalist kids bedroom.

One of the many references out there that is worth mentioned is the one from Freshome main site. It is easy to visit the site that requires only few clicks of a button around the internet. Their sample is really a perfect piece of a room for kid whose building is already finished. For the most important part, the color scheme, the room shows how typical supplementation of soft colors like white and delicate touch of pink creates a wonderful feminine atmosphere.

Further Steps of Furnishing the Kids Bedroom

After the establishment of color scheme, furnishing the room should come next to concern. This is what most rooms for children come short in achieving the best desirable effect in their arrangement. The reference picture from Freshome, however, shows clearly how the furnishing of kids bedroom decor should actually be. The room puts a set of cabinetries: One wardrobe and one cabinet hanging on the wall, both of pink colors. Between the cabinets is a bed of pure white color. The wall, also white, is filled with stickers of flower and butterfly ornaments which are really cute to complete the decor.

9 Photos of the Wonderful Kids Bedroom Design for Girls