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Wonderful Sun House Provides Fresh Air and Cool Sensation to Our House

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My grandfather asks me to stay at his house during this holiday. He says that he has got new collection of ornamental plants to decorate his Sun House. I like gardening very much, so every time I have a chance to do my hobby, I will do it soon. Apparently my grandfather provides a large number of plants in his house so I can practice my skill in gardening. When I arrive at his house, I can feel breeze over courtyard. Green view can be enjoyed anytime because courtyard is full of greenery and ornamental plants. This house is built in L-shaped design. Therefore, green courtyard can be seen from any spots in this house.

Fresh Decoration in Sun House

Green roof in this house arouses fresh and inspiring view for me when I see it. In front of courtyard I can see leafy trees and ornamental plants planted on it. Over courtyard is full of greenery that provides fresh air and cool sensation. That is why interior Sun house always fresh and cool since fresh greenery outside. This interior is protected with wooden grating to make this house. I like to walk around courtyard which is supplied with ornamental pool and leafy trees on it. This ornamental pool is designed with mosaic tile. This pool is quite large and it arouses peaceful atmosphere. Outdoor lights at night make this house look sparkling.

Wooden Furniture in Sun House

White marble floor is sleek and shiny and it contrast with wood accent symbolizing natural and rustic view. Mezzanine of this house is really large. Stairs is crafted with wood and glass combination. I like to sit on leather sofa in spacious living room. Tribal pattern carpet layers white marble floor. Box coffee table is set on this carpet. Unusual pendants with unique lamp shades hang on ceiling. There is also white bed sofa in this living room.

Dining set is designed in high gloss finish. Lacquered wood dining table in rectangle shape is surrounded by wooden side chairs. Next to dining set there is white shelf to store unique ornaments. Some wall murals are adhered on wall to give artistic view. Glass wall over living space strengthen open plan interior Sun House.

17 Photos of the Wonderful Sun House Provides Fresh Air and Cool Sensation to Our House