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Wonderful Wooden Floor In The Artistic House In Mexico City

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Casa Valna is really a home by having a beautiful wooden floor that founded in Mexico City. So far as I understand this house were created by JSA Arquitectura. They use distinctive interior planning and structure. The inside of the house is recognized by wooden floors and amazing, clear surfaces in place. This is actually the qualities that provide trademark in the inside design. With glass highlights in a number of depth that increase its light of beauty in most place and also outside. The glass was used to provide more purpose which to absorb light and as numerous hot from the daylight. That light will provides cleaner environment inside the home and additionally, it will strengthen the moisture level inside the area.

Wooden Floor To Maintain Warm Atmosphere

Here I have some photos wooden floor tiles of Casa Valna by JSA Arquitectura. The look of this position can make you feel also and more relaxed more warm due to the faculties of wooden material that may digest warm and reduce cool. This can be a family home in a neighborhood of the area of Santa Fe in Mexico city. This property made as you are able to as comfortable for the entire family. This house also friendly can be found by you for many open area and kids for kids to experiment.

The first standing for the solution was to provide a task to the customer to enhance building room without compromising this program. The look preserve to provide also and elegance more spacey environment. To do this, we experienced several of limitations that instead of limiting us, pressed us to describe the new party ‘L’ with the intention to create the house experience more roomy by joining the two landscapes in the front and back, increasing the level of the house.

Wooden Floor Material And Texture

The room may be the compositional axis of the job, a linear series of areas of unique personality. All of the main areas of the home are subordinate for this axis and are integrated involved with it visually and physically by big cellular windows. The color scheme is dependant on the credibility of the elements like open solid wooden floor texture, oiled timber, the vegetation, and grey limestone.

8 Photos of the Wonderful Wooden Floor In The Artistic House In Mexico City