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Amazing Kids Room Design with Various Colorful Decoration and Innovative Beds

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My old friend allows me to look around interior of her new house. She has several living spaces that are designed perfectly. But I really like kids room design most among other living space design. Commonly, kids rooms have colorful furniture that will arouse cheerfulness for anyone who sees it. When I observe a kids room on ground floor I am surprised of cute room in pink color. Actually not only pink dominating this room but also yellow and orange furniture decorates this room to create feminine image. This bedroom is furnished with unique loft bed. There is small stairs in orange color to help kids step up to loft bed.

Optimizing Kids Room Design

Under this bed can be utilized as private space that enables kids relax or read while sitting on colorful sofas. Those sofas are colored in yellow and red. I see yellow box table to accompany sofas. Floral patterns and yellow plain sofa cushions are set on sofas. Between yellow sofa and red one there is white box table to place ball lamp. Untreated wood desk looks simple to give convenient space to study. Sectional table lamp, fake flowers and laptop lay on this desk. Pink bookcase is adhered on wall. In front of loft bed, I see wardrobe with colorful drawers stands. Purple fur rug layers sleek marble in this colorful kids room design.

Kids Room Design with Multifunction Loft Bed

I get inside to next kids bedroom which is furnished with loft bed too. This loft bed is polished in yellow color. Under this oft bed is utilized as wardrobe with sliding door. Of course this yellow sliding door matches with yellow bedsheet wrapping mattress. Green and yellow pillows are set on this bed. To get this loft bed easily, there is small stairs in red color designed like drawers.

I assume wardrobe under this loft bed is really spacious. Inside of this wardrobe there is a yellow drawer. Next to loft bed there are two colorful cabinets adhered on wall. These cabinets can be utilized as side tables too. They are painted in yellow and red color. Red sofa in modern style placed in this room. I see black desk where sectional table lamp lays on it. Over all colorful kids room design in modern style belongs to compatible rooms for kids.

12 Photos of the Amazing Kids Room Design with Various Colorful Decoration and Innovative Beds