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Amazing Ruben Disdishyan’s Design

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For the perfect winter house that is adaptable to summer and winter, Ruben Dishdishyan is probably the perfect example of it. Located in Benelux, a country located in Europe, the house has a beautiful design that makes it elegant and unrivaled from other winter houses in Benelux. Its design definitely fits the cold nature of Benelux.

Ruben Dishdishyan’s Orange in Winter

There is a reason why I said that Ruben Dishdishyan by Nicholas Lylov has an outstanding color that makes it unrivaled among the winter houses. When I saw the house, I can see the beauty of its orange color when I saw it surrounded by snow. With its exterior material made by brick, the house looks lovely among the whiteness of winter. The color makes the house gorgeous, elegant, and inviting. Its huge glass windows in between the bricks make the house fashionable too, not classical only. I think the house has everything that a winter house needed.

The inside of the house is just as “warm” as the outside. Sure, the house is airy because of the rooms’ high ceiling, creating lots of space between the floor and the ceiling. However, warmth still can be felt despite of its spacey feeling. The floor is made of wood, and it has the color of classical dark brown, making everything elegant and friendly. As for the walls, they are varied; some of them are made of stones, some of them are just plain concrete with different colors. The furniture used also helps the house at creating the warm family-friendly ambiance of the house, as most of the furniture used in the house is in warm colors such as brown, red velvet, and light orange. As if everything is no beautiful already, the designer adds amazing ornaments such as humungous chandelier with unique pattern, unique staircase design, and colorful paintings on the wall. The resident does not have to worry though, because the spacey ambiance of the house prevents the house from being too crowded and full. In all sense, the house is perfect.

A Warm Day in Ruben Dishdishyan

As it can be seen, the house has a grand elegant design that makes it suitable for those who want to go through winter in a fashionable and warm house. The warm is literal because the living room is decked with classical fireplace that will warm the residents’ bodies immediately. Everything about the house is warm, from the furniture to its colors. The classical Ruben Dishdishyan by Nicholaz Lylov is definitely the true winter house of Europe.

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