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Amazing Small Bedroom Designs Featuring Stripe Ornaments

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Coming up with the suitable decorative items arrangement for rooms with limited space is one of the most effort consuming things to do. There are just a lot to think of and to consider in creating a room whose functionality and aesthetic quality are maximized. The first important thing of small bedroom designs is the selection of furnishing items and color scheme.

The Furnishing Items Selection for Small Bedroom Designs

To understand better the underlying concept behind the selection of furnishing items for minimalist bedroom designs, it is best to look at a reference first. Reference serves best in providing image. After all, in the whole matter of architecture design, a picture worth more than a thousand line of theory. One of the best sites to look upon a good reference to spark inspiration is the internet. There is a particular sample of reference showcasing a minimalist room with magnificent furnishing items selection.

The room focuses on choosing furnishing items that accentuate elegant effect. Apart from the furnishing items, the original room layout of floor, wall, and ceiling also have significant role to project this elegance. The floor comes in minimalist wooden composition with a bit of surface polishing to make it a bit shiny. The wall of the room features view of concrete build that looks really calm and pleasant. The ceiling has the same color as the wall, only with a framework of wooden planks with brown color.

The Color Scheme for Small Bedroom Designs

As for color scheme, it is best to look at it as it is applied to the furniture and the layout. As has been mentioned before, this brown bedroom features a lot of decorative items that bear ornaments of stripes. The stripes look like a flag of variation of wooden colors of different saturations being arranged together, To complement this decorative items, the bed of the room features also the same combination of varying brown color to the blanket, pillows, framework, and sheet. There are also additional décor items like painting of wooden frame bearing pictures of white and black images. The combination of the calm color of the room from the furniture with the neutral color of the layout makes the room a really amazing one.

10 Photos of the Amazing Small Bedroom Designs Featuring Stripe Ornaments