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Amazingly Beautiful Miniature Heaven of the Earth in Maldives

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There are many islands you can visit when you are having your quest of miniature heaven with your partner, for your honeymoon. People want something different, not just being passive by following tour guides and do things in groups. You can have different kind of honeymoon when you visit Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives because the place promises some fun that you cannot get in other usual or ordinary places. Imagine visiting the place where you can see clear blue water everywhere surround you and enjoy beautiful view of the ocean.

Honeymoon in Miniature Heaven of Maldives

My cousin just had a honeymoon there with her husband. She told me how amazing the view is. They took plane and got to see the view of the island from above. It is beautiful indeed. The miniature heaven in Maldives looks stunning with so many tall green trees located in the heart of the island. The place itself is surrounded by amazingly blue water. No wonder my sister and husband wish they could stay there a bit longer, I wonder if they ever want to come back home after such amazing trip.

After retelling their brief introduction of getting into the beautiful island of Maldives, they showed me some pictures, just like what I am about to show you here. Brace yourself, you could feel the same jealousy as I did, because I would want to spend my holidays there. So much. It has beautiful landscape and views. And as you arrive there, there will be some wooden decks welcoming you. Those decks are not for decorative means only: you get to see some people laying on beds placed on those decks, relaxing; probably they are having spa treatment or yoga.

Miniature Heaven in Maldives for You and Your Significant Other

She then showed me her picture when she and her husband relaxing while laying on floating mattress above water. They did some tanning too and they seem very happy. There are also some outdoor pools and open spaces where you can interact with the ocean and water while having other activities like tanning and doing yoga. You can also try some other water sports with your partner there, the resort offers programs for newlyweds like my sister and her husband. Miniature heaven resort in Maldives is an amazing place to have your romantic yet still adventurous honeymoon.

24 Photos of the Amazingly Beautiful Miniature Heaven of the Earth in Maldives