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Antique Fireplaces for Spooky Ambiance

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Actually, I do prefer vintage fireplace more than the antique fireplace. They are different even though in some way they can be just in a definition. I think that vintage fireplace is more to come in a sweeter sense of the shape, model, types and design and it is different from the antique that usually come in a weird, unusual, and spooky look sometimes, but even so, I have my favorite antique furnace that I adore because of the uniqueness of the shape and the material that rarely used for a fireplace.

The first antique furnace that I adore is belongs to my uncle that lived in a rural area of Switzerland and the second is belong to my Granny that lived in a Alice Spring, Australia. Both of the fireplaces is come in a unique thus really antique shape, model, type, and sense. The first that belongs to my uncle is made of copper and has details engravings that trim the edge of the mantel of the fireplace. Them the second antique furnace is my granny’s that made of wood as the mantel.

The Copper Antique Furnace

This fireplace is belongs to my uncle. He said that this antique furnace is his birthday gift from his antique stuffs collector friend. Then he set the unusual copper furnace right in his living room. At the first time to see that kind of fireplace is really awkward. The sense is indescribable and I cannot include that fireplace to the classic nor to vintage because of the details is not in both themes already. The shape is just like a classic small crematorium or incinerator, really spooky right?

Wooden Mantel Antique Furnace

Then the second furnace is belongs to my granny. It is quite different from my uncle’s but the sense is just the same, little bit spooky, but the spooky sense is successfully faded out because of the wooden mantel that come to trim the fireplace that really dark and heavy in black color. The details engravings in the fireplace is really classic thus really adorable. The sense if I look into the fireplace is reminds me to the fence of the cemetery or burial ground.


12 Photos of the Antique Fireplaces for Spooky Ambiance