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Apartment Closet Ideas for Combination Designs

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I visited my little sister last week in her apartment, and then I saw that she applied one of the apartment closet ideas. My little sister lives in different city from my parents and me. I could visit her because I had a job there. I slept over in my little sister’s apartment that night. We had long conversation that time. She told me how she designed the closet herself. She looked for the designs in the catalogues and even on the internet. She was really excited to have the closet in her apartment.

Finding the Designs

My little sister told me that she used more efforts to find the right closet idea for her apartment. Moreover, she wanted to place the closet in her bedroom. Yet, the bedroom is very narrow if she should add the closet. Then, she found some designs for narrow space in the bedroom. She confessed that she combined the design to get the best result for the closet. She then showed me the pictures for her combination ideas. I thought that they are very interested designs for the closet.

Applying the Designs

In the pictures, I saw the white wooden closet with many shelves. Then, I saw the simple closet with white sliding doors and white folding doors. Moreover, I saw the brown glass sliding doors with brown wooden shelves and cabinets. Then, my eyes caught something interesting through the pictures. I saw the very simple closet with tosca wall color. It just hangs the shelves and the steel sticks to the wall. Then, it has already been the closet. On the other hands, I wanted to know how my little sister’s choice for the closet.

My little sister showed me the closet. She applied the hidden closet with tosca wall inside. Then, she added the white shelves with the steel sticks for the closet. She applied the brown glass sliding door for the closet. She also hung the wide mirror aside to the closet. Then, she even installed the white hanging lamp to enlighten the closet. It was installed in front of the closet doors. However, I was really interested to have the similar closet with her after seeing the result.


12 Photos of the Apartment Closet Ideas for Combination Designs