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Attractive Reading Spaces with Unusual Design as Cozy Library Home

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I have no idea to finish this homework, so I have to consult with my friend to help me figuring out this material. I need thirty minutes to get his house by riding on bicycle. He asks me to get inside in a reading space where he is waiting for my arrival. There are many Reading Spaces available in this house. My friend is sitting on dark sofa in this room. This black sofa looks elegant to be applied in this modern home library. Black sofa cushion lays on this sofa. Beadboard in this room is designed with floral textured and it is painted in white color.

Unusual Bookcase in Reading Spaces

White fur rug on the floor matches with white interior design in this library home. This white fur rug is intended to provide warm sensation. I find a round chair which functions as bookcase. At a glance this chair looks like ball chair whose fringe is transformed into bookcase. There are a lot of books arranged neatly on this bookcase. Sectional floor lamp is placed between this round chair and dark sofa. I find unusual shape of table designed like human head. This white table looks artistic and it is suitable to embellish this space as most scenic reading space among unusual Reading Spaces in this house.

Rustic Reading Spaces

I move to a reading space on basement which is designed as open plan living space. This reading space feels warm because of wooden furniture. Wooden ceiling and wooden floor are applied in this room. Glass bay window enables me to see inspiring view outside. There are two red husk armchairs in this room. Dark wood bookcase designed in vintage style matches with rustic theme of this room.

This rustic library home is furnished with dark fireplace providing warmth when weather outside is cold. Both left and right side of fireplace are utilized to store timbers. On vintage dark wood shelves where books are stored, I find glassware and teapot placed on its surface. Upper shelf is utilized to save glassware. Wooden barstools are placed surrounding this wooden shelf. Designs of unusual Reading Spaces in this house influence occupants to read cozily.

13 Photos of the Attractive Reading Spaces with Unusual Design as Cozy Library Home