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Fun and Playful Bathroom Decor for Kids

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Getting the right bathroom decor for kids can be tricky. Children, as we all know, are very picky and you need an absolutely perfect look to make them happy. So when choosing the décor of your child’s bathroom, make sure you incorporate a lot of fun and playful elements in it. Pay special attention to walls, the bathroom accessories and the color scheme. Listed below are some cool tips that you can use while designing the perfect bathroom decor for kids.

Tips on bathroom decor for kids

If you are decorating a child’s bathroom keep the following in mind:

  • Decor for bathroom walls – The walls of the bathroom play an important role in making it look nice. So make sure you decorate the walls properly. You could start with coloring them in bright colors such as red, blue or yellow. You could also use wallpapers and give the place a vibrant look. Hanging cool and fun accessories such as star murals, ornamental rockets, etc give the bathroom a great look.

  • Accessories – A child would love to have some big and bright accessories in the bathroom. So make sure you have lots of soft rugs, themed soap dispensers, mirrors, etc in the bathroom. The accessories will go a long way in helping you get the perfect bathroom decor for kids. So go ahead and pick up some innovative accessories.

  • Bath fittings – When designing a child’s bathroom, do not get a regular bathtub or a boring old shower head. Get creative and opt for a boat shaped bathtub. Visit your local home improvement store and check out the innovative bath fittings and pick up the ones you like the most.

  • Quick dry materials – Always remember to use materials that dry quickly for a kid’s bathroom. For example, for the floor, opt for tiles that dry quickly. The rugs you place can be of rubber or plastic so that you can dry them out fast. Children tend to splash a lot of water around and if the bathroom remains wet, it will smell and also will pose as a hazard to the kids.

Getting the right bathroom decor for kids

The kind of décor you have for the kid’s bathroom will depend greatly upon the age of the kid. If you are designing the bathroom for a young child, you will have to incorporate more vibrant and playful themes. In such a case, go for animal and cartoon inspired bath fittings, wallpapers, accessories and so on. If however the child is older, you have to think about his or her likes and hobbies and incorporate the themes accordingly. For example, if your teenager likes music, get a guitar mural on the wall, have some music notes painted on the bathroom mirror, place a music box in the bathroom and so on. If your daughter likes to read, get characters out of her favorite book and design the bathroom accordingly. You could do so by using paints, picture frames, wallpaper, etc.

So keep the above mentioned tips in mind and you will have a great bathroom for your kids. Consult your children before you finalize the plan and make sure they like the ideas. Always remember to keep the bathroom vibrant, well ventilated and well lit. Children are afraid of the dark and they won’t enter the bathroom if it is dull and dingy. So put in a lot of effort and design the perfect look. You could look at design magazines or consult a professional designer to find the best bathroom decor for kids and then build the most stunning bathroom for your children.


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