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Bathroom Decor Modern Lux: Fabulous New Bathroom

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Bathroom Decor Modern Lux should represent the development of the technology. Due to the increase of technology and information system, the bathroom should follow the trend. Not only the bathroom is luxury but also features with high technology system to make the bathroom more comfortable and more relaxing.

Bathroom Decor Modern Lux Image

Bathroom Decor Modern Lux 2012

Have bathroom decor modern lux look need strong statement. For usual parts that should be available on the luxury bathroom are vanity, water closet, bathtub, shower, and drawer. A bathtub which designed free-standing is good to pick. Place it near the window, so you can see the outside area. Don’t forget to put the grey curtains to get some privacy. The walnut brown color for the vanity drawer is good to combine along with the elegant bathtub. Hang the engraved mirror on the vanity. This mirror will look glamor on the wall. Place the transparent tray to keep some jewelry and watch while from getting wet.

Bathroom Decor Modern Lux: High-Tech Tools

Bathroom decor modern lux should feature with high technology properties. The smart toilet produced by TOTO is a good example. The water closet can flush and closed automatically. The water closet is added by remote control. The other modern tool is electric faucet. The faucet has bold and simple design and can save more water. The water will turn on when you wave the hand, and will stop when your hand leave the faucet. Spa bath can also be installed for your bathroom. This combination is between shower and spa room. For more modern spa, use the infrared dry sauna. You can place the multimedia system on your bathroom. There are available waterproof TV. You can relax and the same time you can watch your favorite program on screen.

The other tools that can install in the bathroom are heated floor and towel warmer. These tools will allow you to get dry towel as soon as possible. You can add the others modern bath equipment to get bathroom decor modern lux design.

8 Photos of the Bathroom Decor Modern Lux: Fabulous New Bathroom

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