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Bear Bathroom Decor Gift Ideas

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Bear bathroom decor ideas are much sought after these days. And since more and more people are opting for bear themed bathrooms, a bear bathroom accessory becomes a very useful housewarming gift. There are many bear bathroom accessories to choose from – shower curtains, wall hooks, towel racks, rugs, etc. So if you are looking for a great gift for someone who has a bear themed bathroom, you will surely have lots of ideas to choose from. Listed below are some handy bear bathroom themed gift ideas that you can choose from.

Best bear bathroom decor gifts

  1. Bear bath accessories – Bear bath accessories are easy to find. You can buy a bathroom set in a bear theme and present it to your friend who has recently installed a bear themed bathroom in his or her house. Then, you could also find creative bath accessories with bears on them such as a bear holding a tissue roll and so on. Just visit your local home improvement store or supermarket and see what is on offer. Look for rugs, hooks, etc.

    bear bathroom decor
  2. Bear towels – Towels make for good gifts as they are always useful. You can find a variety of bear themed towels. From pictures of bears to bears embroidered on them, towels are easy to find and good to give. So if you are looking for a good bear bath accessory, you should surely check out the towels.

  3. Bear themed clocks – The next time you visit a gift shop and stumble upon a bear themed wall clock, do not forget to pick it up as it would make a great gift. If you do not have anyone to gift it to, you can simply keep it for yourself!

  4. Bear themed lamp shades – As well know, lampshades are found in all kinds of shapes and sizes nowadays. Therefore it would not be difficult for you to find a bear themed lampshade as well. Adorable bear themed lamp shades make for great bear bathroom gifts.

  5. Shower curtain – If you know someone who is still in the process of building his or her bear bathroom, tell them that you are buying a bear themed shower curtain for them so that they do not do so themselves. Shower curtains are useful and go a long way in determining the final look of the bathroom. As a result, a shower curtain would prove to be an awesome bathroom gift idea.

Bear bathroom decor tips for you

If you are planning to build a bear themed bathroom in your own house, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to match the floors and the walls with the bear theme. So go for a rustic, woody look so that the bathroom resembles a forest where bears live. Opt for wooden flooring. Then, keep the color scheme neutral. This means, do not opt for bright colors such as blue or red. Go for more subdued, earthy shades such as orange, brown and beige. Finally, do not have swanky, modern bath fittings. Keep the look as minimalistic as possible and your bear bathroom decor will be a super hit!
Bear bathroom decor ideas are becoming more and more sought after. Bear bathrooms are unique and are suitable for the young and the old. They are perfect for family homes and also for children’s bathrooms. So if you are planning to build such a bathroom or are helping a friend do so, keep the bear bathroom decor gift ideas in mind and you will find the best and most adorable bear bathroom fittings without any trouble whatsoever.

8 Photos of the Bear Bathroom Decor Gift Ideas

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